Time Machine: 7 days of Now

Use your STARbox to catch up on missed shows for 7 days on up to 90 channels. 







Time Machine Use your STARbox to cath up on missed shows

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Time travel really is a thing

Forget TV schedules. The modern TV experience is about watching stuff when you want it. Watch shows that aired when you were on holiday, picking mushrooms, or helping your cousin remodel her kitchen.

Time Machine: Rewind to any broadcast moment during the past 7 days on up to 90 channels, depending on your TV bundle. 

TV Recording: Record shows on up to 100 channels, depending on your TV bundle. Recordings won’t expire, so your mom can return to that Turkish love story for years. 

Did a great show slip by? Never again!

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Recording. Did a great show slip by unnoticed? 
Never again!

Great TV deserves to be seen. Use your STARbox to pause the football game, or record the late-night movie.

15 h

In that time, you can walk across Estonia and back.

30 h

Enough for every episode of Friends  and all of Beavis and Butthead.

60 h

That’s the full dose of Grey’s Anatomy.

It doesn’t get better than this

Record up to 100 channels. If your TV pack comes with fewer channels, record the ones you have.

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